The Cure is Worse than the Disease…

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The Cure is Worse than the Disease…

Ela diz:

I think the “American Medical Machine” is more in reference to our entire culture…that on the one hand we have companies advertising fast food, cushy cars, and luxuries no one can afford. They tell us it’s OK to eat crap, not excercise, go on crash diets, drive instead of walk to the store 3 blocks away, spend our entire lives indoors, and then expect the miracle of modern medicine to cure us of all our ills. Then suprise! We get pissed off at the pharm companies for selling us the crap that we demand and putting us at risk, when really we put ourselves at risk by being idiots in the first place.

Whatever happend to the good old fashioned relationship between a doctor and patient, and the relationship between the patient and the world around him/her? We want to have our cake, and eat it too…and if the cake could also make us thinner, lower our blood pressure, and renew our sexual vitality, then lets do it. Consequences and personal reponsibility be damned. If it turns out badly, we can always blame someone else and sue the big companies.

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